About Trendustry

Meet The Owner

Jamie N. Tolbert

Owner/ Marketing Lead

Jamie is an experienced marketing professional with a background in website design, graphic design and social media marketing. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a B.A. in Electronic Media Productions and from Full Sail University with a M.S. in Entertainment Business. It brings her great joy to help small businesses achieve their marketing goals. Her mission is to aid small businesses on their journey to growth. Through Trendustry she has worked with Stonewall Columbus, Ohio Media School, Columbus Urban League and many small businesses in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

A Message from the Owner

Before the birth of Trendustry , I have always wanted to help small business owners get the marketing that they deserved. I always suggested things to my entreprenuer friends and I was always the go-to for quick graphics. One day I decided to take a leap and pursue the goal of assisting others in need. I always had a passion for marketing but I did not know what to call it. I spent months creating a business plan and racking my brain for the name of my new marketing company. One day while on a plane traveling to Florida, I picked up a magazine and saw an article. The article asked " Want to trend in your industry?" and then I said to myself "Trendustry"! I knew at that moment that the puzzle was complete and I had found the name! I strongly believe that EVERYONE DESERVES QUALITY MARKETING and I know that Trendustry is the solution for the people. I hope that our story inspires you to follow you dreams and even more I hope that Trendustry can be a part of that journey.