Welcome To Trendustry Media Group

"Everyone Deserves Quality Marketing"

Who We Are

Trendustry Media Group was created to provide quality marketing services to businesses of all sizes. It is our core belief that every business deserves a marketing plan that is customized to their needs and most importantly to their budget. The key focus of Trendustry Media Group is to provide exceptional customer service while executing successful marketing campaigns. We provide various services but we focus on marketing, social media marketing and business consultation. Our team is experienced in creating content for websites, social media and grahic design. What seperates Trendustry Media Group from other agencies? We provide exceptional customer service and treat each project like it is our own. Everyone Deserves Quality Marketing and we are here to ensure that the people get it.


We help businesses execute marketing plans developed specifically for there business goals.

Social Media Marketing

We assist customers with establishing a presence on the social media platform(s) of their choice.

Document Preparation

We assist businesses with proposal writing, basic business plan verbiage and other important documents.

Shopify Development

We help customers get the site and business that they desire on the Shopify platform.

Website Development

We build websites for businesses to establish a web presence and optimize them for easy navigation.

Business Consultation

We assist customers in finding the correct answers to start their business or take it to the next level.