There is a high level of uncertainty at this time but here's a newsflash for you. Why not use this time to build your brand/company like never before? If your your business had to close, it's unfortunate but now you may have some time on your hands. Utilize that time to build your business through social media, your website and your email list. Let's touch on those three methods and how they can assist you during these times!

Social Media

Hopefully, your company utilizes a social media platform to connect with your consumers. If not, email us at and we can assist you! If you do, then you should be utilizing it to stay connected with your consumers. Create engaging posts to let your consumers know that you are still there for them. You can create a post from scratch or even share a meme for them to  get a good laugh. Just make sure that you do something to let the people know that you miss them! 


Your website can be just as effective as social media. You can offer free or discounted shipping on your products, you can add a discounted service onto a package that you have available or you can create blog posts that give tips to your consumers. Make your website your hub of information and keep it updated to reflect upcoming changes in hours, services or procedures. 


Your email list is like your golden ticket! These are YOUR clients that support you and want to stay connected with you. You can send out announcements for updated polices, distribute a promo codes, and highlight your product or services. You can distribute a newsletter, create a customer spotlight email or highlight one of your employees. Email is a personal connection to the people that want to be connected with you, so use it! 

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